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Around the horn...what we want to learn / talk about

  • Interested in more of the fundamentals for citizen involvement and collaborative, participatory democracy
  • San Fransisco Mayor: citizenville

Code for America:


  • Honolulu answers - now redeployed in Oakland as Oakland Answers
  • initiatives like this are changing the mindset of IT in city government

New roles and initiatives in government

  • Chicago, IL - Chief Data Officer
  • SF - Chief Innovation Officer (usually involves data)
  • Boston, MA - Director of new urban initiatives
  • San Jose, CA - Social innovation contest
  • Cary, NC - Technology task force
  • Raleigh, NC - Open data program manager
  • California starting a competition at the community colleges that will roll up to a state-wide competition

One of the keys to adoption: process of starting with ideation instead of technology

City of Houston - hackathon, gave them 8 different datasets
Sunlight Foundation - non-profit, focused on transparency, as technology changes, they created Sunlight Labs
this all comes down to change |

Libraries with no books? Converting them into co-working spaces. Instead of going to seek information, you go and create information.

Questions: What are some strategies to changing the mentality in IT?

  • cloudcamp london
  • change agent work within government -- finding a critical mass of champions 
  • IT consolidation, cultural change of everyone not "owning" their own stuff (websites, security, etc.)
  • the need for contract and procurement people to think differently about open source
  • brown bag lunches 
  • 1/2 day workshops
  • Spike in London, using ICT for development

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