Session Room: Table 9

Title: Community, how we do it in India

Time Slot: 4:30PM Saturday

Organizer: Atul Jha <>


The topic we discussed was around the fresh technology gradutes coming out of various engineering colleges in India. What are the vaious reasons we are not able to train them with latest technology.


Second in world`s population.

More than 900, 000 technology graduates every year.

Most of them end up getting job in one or the other Software companies and underpaid.

They expect companies will train them enough on technology that companies current project is on.


Too many restrictions from the faculty

More interested about the syllabus which is primitive

Scared of change or adoption of new technology



Identify set of Faculty/Teachers

Tell/explain them about your technology

Listen to them with patience

Help/Train them

Make them feel important and are key player of the community.


Set of manual/documents

Live demo and lots of workshop

Real life problem set with solution

Take away from session




Give responsibility

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