• How do you keep people engaged to continue & finish projects?
    • When there is initial ideas - how do you keep them on task to complete these
      • Get in touch with users as they start to make sure they know how much work they are proposing
      • Ideas are useless you can execute them - how can you make sure users are aware this before they start spending time on it?
      • Maybe direct users to start on a smaller project
  • What is the culture we want to change?
    • technical communities aren't always welcoming
  • People only change when there is an incentive to change - what is there incentive?
    • competing project can be a good incentive - "the other site is doing this - why aren't we?"
  • Introduce specific structure
  • What about power struggle?
  • Have the smaller or new community you can have them work on defining the culture
    • setting up tests
    • as a manager you can lead them in this culture definition - lead them in setting best practices
    • show by example - write up posts on why and how its important
  • Being consistent is important - community will model after you
  • Identify influential people - can be your "changers"
    • will help to move the community
  • Remember change takes time
  • How do you get older more technical users to welcome newer less technical people
    • People like being elite, early adopters - as more come they use a bit of this status
    • Can have those willing to help mentor new users
    • Remind elite that "we were all newbies once"
  • Can you redefine elitism?
    • Is there a way to flip the coin, and push elite users into specific constructive tasks
    • Focus them into a specific area
  • If you do need to kick someone out make sure its clear so the rest of the community doesn't react badly
    • being clear is important
    • setting a process
  • how do you prevent abuse that may be occuring?
    • set out rules
    • pick your battles

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