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Saturday SessionGrid

[1] Day 1 Session Grid

Session A (11:00 - 12:00) Edit

  1. "Managing" Huge Communities
  2. Kickstarter for Communities - Kevin Shockey
  3. Giving Back - Jared Smith
  4. The Style Gap and Mentoring Effectiveness
  5. Internationalization and global issues - Javier Gómez
  6. Online Community Engagement / Clique Busting : turning community subgroups into productive contributers
  7. Funding Open Source projects
  8. Getting started: Tips and tricks for setting up an online community (facilitator: Kristina Hoeppner)
  9. Why are you so Awesome ? - Sam Eder
  10. Github vs. Self hosted - Opening your code and building a user community around it (facilitator: Zohar Babin) Audio recording located at

Session C (02:00 - 03:00) Edit

  1. Gating Communities - Louis Suarez-Potts
  2. Community Development for All Sectors
  3. Metrics - Jeff Potts
  4. Anonymity vs Lead Generation, where do you draw the line?
  5. Governance Styles - Randy Fay
  6. Thicker Than Blood!! How Relationships Bring Us Closer To Our Customers
  7. Recognizing Community
  8. Free (or cheap) tools for managing communities (other than Facebook) - @rlux :
  9. Recognizing Community Contributors - Benjamin K????
  10. What should OSI do next? (facilitator: Simon Phipps)
  11. Taking Care of Community Members
  12. Commmunity Leadership Development (facilitator: Sharon Reed-Corbett)
    1. · We should tap into ‘tribal wisdom’ in the community who have ethnic wisdom and generational knowledge and spiritual knowledge. Look for wisdom councils in the area which often creates a model for community engagement.

· Review our decision making models concerning new initiatives to make sure they are inclusive to the entire community.

· Set the expectations – benefit city versus people or people versus city

· Visual arts – let arts speak for themselves and don’t try to quantify or validate

· Bridge gaps between groups

· Breathe new life into old events to involve other people groups

Session D (03:00 - 04:00) Edit

  1. Education sourcing & community - Louis Suarez-Potts
  2. Lawyers & community - Tom Callaway
  3. Determining the Value of a Non-paying User - Richard Esplin
  4. Taming the Alpha Dog: Having better meetings - Dave Neary (Notes coming)
  5. Health Community: Engaging communities to improve public health - uncle Nate
  6. How do you define a healthy community? - Jacky Hayward
  7. Gamification in Communities (facilitator: Rich Sands)
  8. Community Living: Live/Work Environments - Suzanne Carmody
  9. Tactics for saying Yes - Paul Vorvick
  10. Our Goals About Goals: Finding a balance between progress & volunteer time - Paul Orwig

Session E (04:30 - 05:30) Edit

  1. Cultivating Great Speakers - Kevin Turner
  2. Getting Documentation Contribution - Andy Oram
  3. When a Community Becomes a Pipeline - Meghan McGill
  4. Community for Broken People - Fred Trotter
  5. CLS 2013 Everywhere! - Van Riper
  6. Rewarding the Community - Adam Lasnik
  7. Mirror, Mirror in the Twitterverse, where the hell am I, what's happening, and what do I do about it? Here's some background, here are some reflections.
  8. Assholes Discussion - @dberkholz
  9. Community, how we do it in India - @koolhead17
  10. none

Session E (05:30 - 06:30) Edit

First day closing & feedback

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