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11:00 - 12:00Edit

  1. Top 10 Tips to Grow a Community - Andy Zhang
  2. Open Source Mentoring: Connecting Rural Communitites - #rdaHQ
    Mentoring: Recruiting New Community Members - #lembers (Dave Neary)
  3. Real World Collaborate: Make it Work - ???
  4. How To: Live With Forks - Louis S-P / OpenOffice
  5. Not Scheduled
  6. Being Wrong Gracefully: How to point out others being wrong, or yourself being wrong, without breaking / burning bridges - Sheeri Cabral & Dan Allen
  7. Not Scheduled
  8. Organizing and Social Networking - Andy Oram
  9. Not Scheduled
  10. Creating an International community with national leaders. a.k.a. Avoiding issues of nationalism - ???
    Facilitating International Collaboration: Tools and techniques to deal with multiple languages, cultures, and timezones - Michael Downey

12:00 - 1:00Edit

ALL: Lunch Break

1:00 - 2:00Edit

  1. 5 Min Dump on: Broadband / Wireless / Wireland: Tell us what barriers are for dev? - Teresa Boze
  2. Offline Communities To Online Tribes: Taking the "Plunge", Getting your members "Wet", & Proffiting HUGELY - Maryam Webster
  3. Gamification - Does it work for the enterprise? e.g. Badging, Recognition, Increase quality participation - ???
  4. Not Scheduled
  5. Participatory Medicine: Building communities around health. - ???
    Building Communities Through Health & Fitness - ???
  6. Licensing Roundtable: Bring your questions: Copyleft, copyright, CLAs, lawyers, etc. Changing, Community Norms, Choice, Interpretation etc. - Gerv
  7. Community Citizenship: How do you define it? Barriers to Community Citizenship? Etc. - Cedric Thomas
  8. Community Engagement via Social Media - Benjamin Kerensa
  9. Not Scheduled
  10. Not Scheduled

2:00 - 3:00Edit

  1. The DEATH STAR User Group: How do we handle the suggestion -or reality- that our employer may not be 100% well intentioned - Simon Phillips
  2. Community and the corporate IP fortress - Dan Allen
  3. Killer Collaboration - ???
  4. Doing Good: FOSS, Tech, Community - Louis Suarez, Potts
  5. Working With Complex Communities: Discuss building communities that have diverse & antagonistic members - @Tonymiz - Tony McCormick
  6. What the hell do we all do everyday? - Evan Hamilton
  7. New FOSS Community: Share your experiences about what to do in the first few months - Francois Marier
  8. Not in Our Communities You Don't! - Schwern
  9. Agile vs. Volunteers: How can FLOSS projects integrate sprints, etc. with vilgrant community? - Sumona H, @brainwane
  10. Not Scheduled

3:00 - 3:45Edit

  1. The ZEN of Conflict: Scary! We can deal - how? - Valorie Zimmerman
    Handling Bullies, Taming Troublemakers, & Creating Enthusiasts (instead) - Maryam Webster
  2. Fostering a Community as a Company of One - @AHOCKLEY
  3. Marketing & Community Dev. - Louis
  4. Giving Props: Building incentives for and, giving recognition to contributors - Jane Wells & Chelsea Otakan
  5. One Company Many Communities: What next? - @rlux
  6. Extension Communities! What can module and plugin communities learn from open source? - Ross Turk
  7. Community-Built Software for the Users, by the Users - Reid & Audrey
  8. Community Leadership Mentorship Program for CLS (within the CLS community) spontaneous -vs- structured - Eric Herberholz @erich13
  9. Not Scheduled
  10. Not Scheduled

3:45 - 4:15Edit

ALL: Coffee Infusion

4:15 - 5:00Edit

  1. Gender: What Diffs? Specifics... - Louis S-P
  2. Clear as MUD: Opacity, Transparency, and the journey from one to the other - Todd Gage
  3. Growing a Community by Turning Followers into Leaders - Dan Allen
  4. Unconference Best Practices: Getting Started, Sponsorships, Getting the word out! - @davenielsen
  5. Social Networks - Enough Already: How to handle them all - Free Air - Stephen Spector
  6. Communicating Change: New products, interface changes, etc. - Sarah Manley & Sarrse Carter
  7. Good Governance in a Free Open Source Project - Paul Orwig
  8. "Contributor" vs. "Developer": Focusing on low barriers to entry - Jon A. Cruz
  9. Models We Use to Understand the World - Sumana @brainwane
  10. Not Scheduled

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